Insects are important part of our ecosystem.  However, if they start wreaking havoc in your home, it is time to drive them. Most of the time, homeowners use bug sprays to keep them away. But the effectivity of this solution is just temporary. After a day or two, they will be creeping back into your home.

Pest control companies in Abu Dhabi recommend simple but effective hacks that will make your property pest-free. Try these pointers and free your home from crawlers and other insects:

  1. Clean up the mess


One of the surest ways to prevent pest infestation is to tidy up your place. Cleaning services in Abu Dhabi said that insects and pests are attracted to the scent and smell of garbage and other debris. Be sure to dispose your garbage regularly and wash the garbage bins to remove food residue and debris. To prevent rodent infestation, take out and empty your pet’s food and water bowl, as well as their litter boxes.


  1. Invest in healthy gardening


Some people think that gardens are just there to add aesthetic value to one’s home. But it can provide a number of benefits to homeowners such as pest control. Garden soil is rich in organic matter that keep the pest at bay. Also plants like marigold and lavender can help with deterring mosquito attacks at home. If flowers are not your thing, you can do an herb garden as well.


  1. Create a DIY spritz


Plants are not safe from infestation as well. They can fall prey from insects such as bugs and small animals like squirrel. To prevent these insects and other animals from eating and chewing the leaves of your plants, especially your produce, you can create a natural DIY plant spray to ward off the insects from attacking your floras. Just mix 2 teaspoons of mineral oil with orange, lime citrus, and lemon. Add mince garlic into the solution and put it in 2 cups of water. Let the solution sit for 24 hours and add dishwashing liquid into the mixture. Once the solution is ready, simply spray a small amount of spritz into the plants.


Be sure not to overdo it. Although it can help protect the plants, the spicy scent and taste can hurt the ones who will be eating the produce.


  1. Attract the right kind of pest

Some homeowners think that all insects can be a pest, but there are insects that can be beneficial and helpful in keeping the destructive ones at bay. Insects like ladybug and spiders can help on crashing those predatory insects that might be invading your home.