Sleeping a mechanism that our body created to recharge and revitalize. Since it is part of our system, falling asleep may seem like breathing. But for some people, it is not. There are times where getting a good night sleep like an elusive dream. And it is worsen by myths which don’t have much truth behind it.

To expel the wrong beliefs with regards to sleeping, here are some sleeping beliefs and the truth behind it:

Myth 1: Your bed has nothing to do with getting a good night sleep

Some people think that they can sleep in any hard surface and still have a good night sleep. It might have been effective for some, but where you lay down can be a factor on getting a right amount of sleep. Your bed plays a major factor in this case. Your body needs ample support to relax and take the pressure off your body. If you bed is not giving you that support, a change in mattress is in order.

Go down to your trusted bed furniture Dubai and check the right type of bed that can provide you the support and the comfort that you need. You should take into account your body weight and type, the way you sleep and the room temperature in the space.

Myth 2: A warm environment can put you to sleep

Another myth that has been going around for ages is that if you keep your room warmer, sleep will come easily. It may be the case for some people, but there are individuals who think that warm environment is making it difficult for them to sleep. It can result to overheating and cause sleep disruption as well. The truth is, you need to keep your body cool to help the release of melatonin in the body, a hormone responsible for a good night sleep.

Make your room cool but cozy. Look for beds in Dubai that promotes good air circulation and gives comfort to your body.

Myth 3: Go to bed when you are tired

One of the most popular sleeping myths ever known to mankind. Although it is true that being tired can put you to sleep, it is not true at all times. Do not exhaust your body to sleep. What you need to do is have a regular sleeping pattern and schedule to help you achieve a good and complete night’s sleep.

Myth 4: Too much sleep is good for you

If little sleep is bad for your body, then so is too much snooze. A lot of studies indicated that too much sleep can cause decline in brain activity which can be bad for your mental health. It can also weaken your body and slow down blood circulation which is responsible for transporting oxygen to your body.

Myth 5: Watching TV can help you nod off

Some people fall asleep while watching TV, but again it is not always the case. In fact, artificial light coming from electronics like TV can keep you awake the whole night, especially if it is accompanied with sounds that will keep you awake.