Both men and women are created with some biological and morphological differences to maintain balance between nature and ensure family structure. Females are more likely to carry extra fat to provide nutrients and nourish new life (fetus) during pregnancies and then newborn lactation from her reserved fat. On the other hand, males need more muscular strength to be a protective shelter for his family. An adult healthy female carry fat nearly 18 percent to 20 percent of her body weight, whereas males carry only 10 percent to 15 percent fat of their body weight.

For various reasons fitness gym in Dubai is so important for females. As female’s body is designed to store extra fat, the chances of poor shaping is higher in females. This phenomenon is more rapid in those ladies who have less activity routines or those who live in diversified climate. In hot areas, fat distribution occurs in lower abdomen, butts and thighs which make females appearance very saggy and uncomfortable.

Though people should carry healthy fat reserves but additional fat is not appropriate for proper body functioning and healthy living. Low or high level of fat creates hormonal imbalances, amenorrhea, or heavy menses among females which leads to infertility, hair loss, rapid weight gain and acne issues.


Females are more likely to deposit fat in their buttocks, low back, between thighs, around navel, pubis, knees, upper arms, and on breasts sides. Other than weight loss and effective body functioning exercise is also helpful in following ways:


  1. Glowing Skin:

With the help of exercise females can nourish and revitalize their skin cells. Increase in heart beat and blood circulation improves oxygenated blood quality and increases detoxification process. It is also helpful in cell renewal, vibrant and healthy skin.

  1. Cellulite reduction:

Our body deposits fat in the form of cellulites which reduce lymph circulation in many parts of the human body especially on thighs. Yoga is helpful in flushing toxins, relaxing muscles and reducing cellulite.

  1. Improved Mood:

Mood swings are very common in females who are facing some hormonal imbalances which make their family life more tensed or lack of emotions. Fitness routine helps this problem by improving physiological and psychological effect of your body, please your mood, improve stamina, and body image.

  1. Slow Down Aging:

Brain chemicals like serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine are very important for younger appearance. Increase blood circulation helps to reduce stress and improve brain functioning which reverse the ageing process.

  1. No more Insomnia:

Exercise in afternoon is very helpful for quality sleeping which leads to better and healthy growth of hormone, rejuvenation of body tissues, and improve collagen. It is also very helpful to maintain flawless, spotless, and acne free skin.

  1. Reduce Spa Visit:

Girls and women are very fond of spa and salons to get A beautiful appearance with the help of massage and steams. Exercise improves your inner glow and save your lots of hours and money. Researchers say that if inner you is working perfectly then you are less likely to have rough skin, dray and brittle hairs and acne.

So ladies it`s time to hit the gym and appoint a fitness trainer to get a beautiful and a healthy body. Female personal trainer in Dubai can be easily available in different fitness centers to provide guidelines about appropriate workout for your body.