Leaders of the fish farming industry want the world to believe that the fish they produce are far better for human consumption as those caught from natural sources. This certainly is not true and you really shouldn’t be believing it at all. Anyone who claims that fish farming is the perfect solution to over-fishing is either misleading the world intentionally or is misinformed himself. Just like other forms of animal agriculture, fish farming is naturally inefficient. Consider this, estimates from many research reports show that around 4.5 pounds of seafood that comes from natural sources is needed for the production of just a single pound of fish on a farm! That’s totally horrendous!

But then again, some fish farms can easily be considered better than the others. For example, there is a growing trend by the name of vegetarian farms. These farms do not feed the fish their very own ocean-caught cousins. Instead, vegetarian farms feed them vegetarian food pellets and are best for those interested in organic food in Dubai. But the downside is that this is against the rules of law, considering the simple fact that a majority of the fish being fed these pellets are naturally carnivorous. This is why these fish cannot be considered as healthy as those that we get from natural sources. Moreover, the pellets being fed to them are made up of corn, soy and a few other grains, which are better off being consumed directly by humans, instead of through a fish. Plus, with the rising issues of hunger across the world, these resources can be better utilized elsewhere instead of being fed to fish that we need to consume.

If you think that these are the only issues that are caused by fish farming, than you seriously need to think again. The problems caused by fish farming are far more. Irrespective of what is fed to these fish, these end up causing unnatural chemical, waste and disease concentrations around them. The reason is that their living conditions are rather confined and water is not allowed to flow in and out of the farm freely for cleansing purposes. The result is a catastrophe for the environment. Believe it or not, but experts on the subject have described these farms as floating pig farms just to show how dirty and gross they really are. Moreover, due to all those pesticides, parasites and antibiotics in the water, there is a good chance that the fish that are acquired from these farms are contaminated too, because they share the same environment. At times, when the nets used to catch these fish malfunction, the fish that escape tend to spread their diseases into the wild, which has the potential to cause a whole lot more trouble.

Now, fish is extremely good for our bodies and their consumption should not be stopped at all. However, what you need to do is eat fish caught from natural resources, not the ones produced in fish farms so as to make sure that you remain healthy. Visit website for more information.