Vintage vehicles are a joy to look at. They can give new models a run for their money at all times. They are very sleek and have that good ole’ swagger that can pique the interest of hardcore car enthusiasts and lovers.

But maintaining old car is no joke. For some, it is even more difficult compare to taking care of the new ones. If you have some old cars in your garage and you wish to upgrade and maintain them, here are some tips to get you started.

  • Have a restoration plan


The first thing that you need to do is to make an assessment of the whole restoration. It would be best if you can consult with a car restoration specialist to gauge how much work needs to be done and the overall cost. Also part of this process is to decide whether you want to do the restoration by phases or opt for a one-time, big-time overhaul. That would depend on the money you are willing to shell out and the time you can allot for the restoration.


Based on the car restoration specialist’s assessment, make a plan. With that plan, you need to include a list of things you need to restore in the vehicle, the upgrade, and the services you needed to make this happen – from AC service in Dubai to tire supplier.


  • Invest on top-grade body work


One of the reasons why vintage cars is such a hit is because of its timeless looks. However, old cars do not have the same body protection compared to newer models being sold nowadays. You really have to invest on making the body work look as good as new. You need to remove the dents, repaint, or have it redesigned.


This can be hard work if you are doing it by yourself. But you can opt to ask assistance of car body makers who specializes in paintless dent removal in Dubai to remove those ugly car dents.


  • Do not forget the inside


The outside of your car may appeal to people but the inside would impress them more. Do not forget to overhaul the engine. This may be the most expensive part of the restoration. You may need to do some scouting in terms of the spare parts. Vintage car parts can be hard to find, so allot time on finding them. Be sure to stick the integrity of the parts. Meaning, if the part is vintage then get a vintage spare part.