You would obviously not want to do the same type of makeup on every single occasion that you are part. This calls for you to read up on a few general makeup tips for different events and occasions. Of course, the way you do your make up for office is going to be completely different than the makeup that you apply for a wedding.


When you start reading through different make up tips, you will find them all telling you to make sure that you choose a foundation and makeup finishing powder in dubai that matches your skin tone. Another tip that you will find commonly is that of using a concealer to hide the blemishes that have appeared on your skin and that a shimmery look on the eyes is going to make you look young and fresh. These tips are more so focused on the ways in which you should wear your makeup. However, there are certain tips that are common for makeup of all occasions and it is necessary for you to learn about them. Here is a look in to a few of them:


The do’s of your makeup

  1. Irrespective of the makeup products you choose, it is extremely important for you to make sure that they have been used by someone else before and approved by them. You would obviously want to be sure that you do not have weird looking spots on your face because of using a product that did not suit your skin type.


  1. The basic purpose of makeup is to highlight the positive features of your face while covering up the blemishes. It in no way is meant to make you look different, so do not focus on this aspect when applying makeup. You should only conceal the spots that do not look good on you, while highlighting your features. If you have beautiful eyes, highlight them with the right eyeshadow palette in dubai.


  1. Make sure that you only apply makeup when your face is clean. After taking a shower, do not miss out on using a moisturizer so as to ensure that your skin looks fresh at all times.


The don’ts of makeup


  1. Make up must never be applied in a hurry. This particularly holds true in case you are not as experienced or expert at it.


  1. Do not wear makeup all the time. This is an extremely important tip that you must always keep in mind. You will suffocate your skin if you continue to wear makeup all through the day and night.