People that have a dog and a full time job too and do not have a backyard, which can be used by the dog on its own generally find it hard to manage things around the house. For this reason, they are generally on the look out for some sort of daytime intervention so as to relieve their dog. The best thing to do in this regard is take on the services offered by affordable dog walking services.


While looking out for someone that can walk your dog for you, it is necessary for you to pay close attention to two basic traits or skills. These are a love for dogs and a sense of responsibility. The most important bit in this regard is the walkers’ sense of responsibility. The fact of the matter is that your dog’s life is going to be in the hands of the person that you hire to walk it. A dog walker’s job is not going to be all that demanding in case you live in a peaceful neighborhood in the suburbs. However, if you reside in a city with lots of traffic out on the road and additionally have a really hyper pet, it is necessary for you to remember that anyone under 150 pounds can easily get overpowered!


Before taking up dog walking services from your local dog kennel, you need to remember that the individual is going to be able to access your home. This is not really a problem for people that live in a safe, small community. However, those residing in a fairly dangerous area of a major city have lots to be worried about. What you basically need to do in this regard is acquire a keyless entry system and have it installed over the front door. It’s going to cost you about $85, and you’ll need someone to install it for you, but it’s going to keep your house safe. Once it is installed, the only thing that you would have to do is give the people that would be accessing your home a special code so that they do not need any keys to get in. Just in case you no longer require their services, all that you would have to do is change the code. This would prevent you from having to change the locks and reclaim keys from them.


Check their references

Another thing that you need to be looking out for in dog walking services is that of references. You must never hire a dog walker who cannot present a minimum of two references. Experienced and genuine dog walkers generally tend to have a minimum of three references available at all times. The more references that you can get from them during the interview, the better.


Make a few phone calls
When you acquire their list of references for dog walkers and pet hotels in Dubai, give them all a phone call. While talking to them, make sure that you ask them about the amount of time that the walker has been with them, whether any issues came up or not and the like. You should also ask for a description of the appearance and the nature of the reference’s dog itself too.