Choosing a fragrance to wear is a highly personal decision and it is important to match your personality and lifestyle. Most people are confused between perfume sprays and perfume oils. They both are in some way or the other different from one another. Here are some of the key differences you might encounter while using them alternatively.

Perfume Sprays
Perfume sprays are Alcohol based particularly ethanol, sometimes mixed with water. They are a more expensive option as they come in bigger volume, in a custom bottle. They have a strong projection with the alcohol helping the fragrance molecules evaporate around.

Perfume Oils
perfume oils are oil based with neutral and odorless carrier oil, like coconut or jojoba.
Perfume oils are usually the more affordable option, packed in a travel-friendly amount, in a bottle that’s easier to use. They have a subtle projection with the oil keeping the fragrance close to the skin. Their overall effect is that of a mood, experiencing the scent as a mood enhancer.

So, we conclude that perfume oils are better than perfume sprays- to pin point a few aspects that result in this statement are:

Perfume oils will last longer
The actual aroma and extracts in oil fragrances are substantially more concentrated than those in standard alcohol-based perfumes which also contain other fillers. Oils tend to stick to the skin and stay for long. Perfumes are meant to be applied to clothing for longer wear.

Perfume oils are less likely to be irritating on skin
The alcohol and other dehydrating chemicals in most perfumes may result in irritation and skin allergies. People having dry skin often feel uncomfortable wearing scents because of how quickly it dries and vanishes. Oil, on the other hand, acts similarly as a moisturizing lotion, making it suitable for any skin type.

Perfume oils are less overpowering
Oils do possess a higher concentration in fragrances which make them smell stronger and richer, but they do not leave behind trails and traces. They stay close to the skin and scatter outward, giving a feel of wearing a scent rather than having a scent wear you.

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