Unlike a pregnancy photo shoot dubai, newborn photography is a different league altogether. There are different requirements that needs to be fulfilled both by the client and the photographer. It might sound easy, but handling a newly born baby might be a little complicated.

With that, parents should know what to expect when they opt to have their little bub do a photo shoot for his keepsake:


  • It can take a little while

The time and duration of the photo shoot would entirely depend on the mood of your little one. It can finish earlier or take longer than what you expected. For instances, there are moments when the shoot has to halt temporarily to calm the baby. The photographer needs the baby to be calm and in the mood so he can get the perfect shot.


Just to be sure, book the studio for at least three to four hours to accommodate the styling, the shoot itself, and some extra time for baby to calm down or changed if necessary.


  • It can be messy

Your newborn baby is still adjusting to its new environment and still has no control over his bladder and excretory system. When doing a new born photo shoot, expect the pee and poop to get down and it will be messy. Every Newborn photographer dubai has their fair share. Some parents are stressed about this. But don’t be. These things are a common sight during these photo shoot.


Just to be sure, bring some extra change of clothes and some cleaning stuff (alcohol, towel, wet wipes, etc.) just in case this happens. It would also be best to have a two pair of costume for the baby in case he soiled the first one.


  • Your baby may get a little cranky

Crankiness is baby’s second name. Although some babies might appear to be calmer than the other, having a cranky baby doesn’t mean that he is not normal. Remember that your little one is still adjusting to his new home and it might take a while.


But of course, you need him to be in the mood for the shoot. To calm your baby down, bring his favorite sleeping blanket or stuff toy that he can hug or hold to calm down. He might be also a little hungry so do not forget to feed him before and during the shoot. Once he is fed, he will calm and will eventually fall asleep.