Dubai may be known for rich playboys, towering structures and shopping but very soon, the emirate could add fitness capital to the resume. Just take a look at the many fitness geared events from the past year, is this a harbinger of things to come?

Cross fit

It is taking the world by storm, and Dubai is no exception. In fact, last year Cross fitters from around the world headed to the emirate to compete in a four day event that not only paid handsome winnings, but put the athletes on the road to the ultimate Cross fit Games later in the year. Today, you can find numerous training facilities or “boxes” (cross fit lingo) spread all over Dubai.

Fitness Expo

What do you do when you want to inspire fitness in people while simultaneously drawing in new business? You hold a fitness expo of course! Competitions, classes, seminars and product demonstrations culminate in what advertisers are calling the worlds largest fitness expo. Just a few options from last year’s expo include, but are not limited to:

  • Parkour
  • Strong woman competition
  • Quad fit Games- teams of four from various gyms and professions compete
  • Free and Paid Seminars from leaders in the industry
  • Kid level fitness
  • Demonstration of products and processes

Bike Path

What do you do as a city planner when you need to improve travel and want to promote fitness? You build a fantastic jogging/ bike trail from Dubai to Ajman. This is a brand new project and initial construction will begin along the Ajman waterfront. Once completed, this bike/ jogging path will give residents a healthy alternative for entertainment and transportation.

Dubai Sports World

Inside the world trade center is everything fitness you can imagine. Whether you want to train to be the next Ninja warrior, bounce around at the trampoline park or enjoy a rousing indoor game of cricket Dubai Sports World has you covered. Inside is over 25,000 square feet of climate controlled space to get fit, brush up on your skills or compete with other teams. Who said football had to be played outside in the weather?


Dubai is famous for many things and apparently, they want to conquer the fitness genre in the very near future. Are you thinking about moving to the middle east? Have you decided your fitness business could benefit from branching out? Perhaps you just long for a wonderful vacation. No matter how you look at it, Dubai has something to offer.