You have done all the research, submitted your resume for graphic arts positions and begun to search for your next apartment in the beautiful city of Dubai. Sand, sun, city life and a new start are just over the horizon. However, before you take that first interview, there are a few things you should know about living and working in the city.

Happening means Congested

Getting around the city can take a while, particularly during peak hours. Many people choose to utilize the city’s public transport rather than purchasing their own vehicle simply due to traffic congestion. Of course, if you live close enough to your place of employment, you could walk, but even that is affected by the heavy car and taxi traffic around the city.

Knowledge is Required

You will need to spend some time learning about the culture and religion that is predominant in this area as it will affect you to some extent. Some people are under the impression that the only people governed by the indecency laws and rules against alcohol are followers of Islam but this is not always the case. Alcohol, for example, is not permitted for those of the faith, however, foreigners or expats who are not Islamic may partake at legal establishments or in their home with a permit.

Banned In Dubai (not comprehensive list)

  • Public displays of affection
  • Indecent clothing (some exceptions are made for tourists in specific locations)
  • Anti-Islamic Materials
  • Drugs
  • Some cold and flu medications (four year prison term). Know the customs list well.
  • Sex outside of marriage- doesn’t matter if you are a visitor or expat
  • Being intoxicated in public- can land you in jail

This is by no means a comprehensive break down of the laws you should know for living in Dubai. Be sure to take the time to learn all you can before moving.


You may not celebrate the holiday but you will be affected by it if you live in Dubai or any of the other emirates. Ramadan is a holy Muslim holiday that lasts for an entire month. During this time, followers have a strict set of guidelines to follow, such as no eating from sun up to sun down, and these can affect both business and personal life.


Living in Dubai can be a dream come true for many people but it does require a little home work. Regardless of the type of employment you are seeking, it is important that you carefully consider all aspects of living and working in Dubai, preferably before you book your flight.