UAE is known for its picturesque landscapes and amazing destinations – from the gorgeous beaches to the state-of-the-art architectural wonders in the metropolis. That is why a lot of travelers include this on their top list of must visit places.


However, there are travellers who like to take their adventure to a whole new level, above sea level that is. These unconventional travellers opt to see the wonderful mountain ranges UAE and Dubai has to offer. They opt to explore the wilderness and see Dubai in a different perspective.


If you are thinking of spicing up your travel adventure, ditch your maps and take a hike. Here are some of the top places mountaineers would likely visit in UAE and Dubai


  1. Hajar Mountains


The Hajar Mountains is located on the eastern part of UAE and along the northeastern part of Oman. To trek this spectacular mountain, you need to bring your passport. It is considered as one of the highest mountain in the region and is home to several endemic species of floras and faunas. But the main attraction is the picturesque view from the top. There are 11 marked trails travellers can traverse, depending on the intensity (Grade 1 to 3), so be sure to talk to your guide on choosing the ideal route for you. Also, do not forget to bring basic hiking equipment.


  1. Mosandam Mountains


The Mosandam Peninsula is known for its “Secret Staircase”. This staircase is used by goat herders to transport their livestock. The place look like your round-of-the-mill climb, but there are exciting activities that can spice up your climb. One is the gorgeous sight of petroglyphs and ancient gravestones. And get a good photo of the two scenic villages on the top of the stairways.


  1. Shawka Dam Loop


Hiking the Shawka Dam would probably give you a good exercise. This 10km loop trail is popular among hikers and bikers. To avoid bumping other bikers or hikers, your tour guides would advise you to trail counter-clockwise. The path is relatively easy but the hike would take a whole day, so bring extra clothes in case you need them.  The main attraction of this trail is the lovely sight of the dam and the wildlife. The place is known to house a variety of birds.


  1. Wadi Tayyibah


If you like some insights on UAE’s traditional way of life, then Wadi Tayyibah is the perfect trail to traverse. Located on the east coast20 km north of Masafi, this trail can lead to a wonderful view of natural pools and villages where you can see the locals and their way of life. You can also take a look at their traditional irrigation system.


  1. Jebel Hafeet


If you are looking for a serious terrain to trail, then Jebel Hafeet is the one you should try. Standing at 1,240KM peak, it is known as the third highest mountain the region. The challenge here is the steep trail which requires some hiking expertise. It is not advisable to trek this mountain on a mid-day. Hike at sunrise or sunset and be surprised by the view on the summit.